Lucy and Ethel's D.C. Adventure...Day 3

Friday, December 4, 2009

Saturday October 24, 2009

The 3rd day of our adventure...we slept in a little later today! Today Lucy has our day all planned out for us. So the first thing we do is head back to the White House (to get pictures that we were not able to get yesterday!). It is a rainy day today but fortunately we have 2 umbrellas...and a poncho for Alexis. On the walk to the White house Alexis is throwing a fit...she doesn't want to walk any more...and she doesn't like the way her poncho feels! Now the wind is starting to pick up and my umbrella turns wrong side out. I'm getting all wet from the rain, Lucy has the good umbrella so she is just walking merrily along. Finally we reach the White House and get the pictures I so desperately wanted.

From the White House we head on our nearly 5 mile journey to the Vietnam Wall, near the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial. Just a reminder, we saw most of theses the evening before...but I was excited to go into some of the museums. Alexis is complaining the whole time...she wants to go back to the hotel...I'm getting on to her to behave herself and giving her my famous speech about how historical this trip is...Alexis just looks at me like I'm crazy...Lucy is getting agitated with me because I'm giving Alexis such a hard time. By the time we get down to the monuments we are all exhausted.

This photo was taken the evening before.

So after our 5 mile journey from the White House to the monuments we continue on to the Holocaust Museum. We get into the Holocaust Museum and of course everyone is very somber. A guide tells a large group of us to go up to the 2nd floor and remember what we see and tell others. Alexis belts out "I'm not going to remember...I don't want to remember anything that is going to give me nightmares!" Everyone was looking at us like why do you have that child here. Needless to say we didn't stay long!

Now we are on our way to the Air and Space museum. We don't stay long because it is already getting to be 3:30pm and the museums close at 5 pm and I have a lot places I want to go to see So as soon as we step out and head to the American History Museum the downpour hits. I get Alexis's poncho on her...I gave Lucy the broken umbrella LMAO...and I take the good umbrella. We head across the street in the downpour. Once again the wind hits...Lucy's umbrella turns completely inside out...I'm laughing so hard I can't hardly stand it anymore...other people on the street are finding this humorous as well. We are all completely soaked, our shoes are wet and pant legs are wet up to our knees. Of course I was able to find the time to snap a photo...

Here is Lucy...she is not very happy, but me and Alexis find it quite amusing!

By this time we weren't in the mood to walk any farther so instead of going to the American History museum we went into the Natural History Museum, just in time for them to be closing within the hour.

Afterwards we had a 7 block walk to get back onto the Metro train and ride 30 minutes back to our hotel room! Ahhhh Home Sweet Home.

After we get our clothes changed we decided to go out for pizza...but we didn't want to eat from a pizza chain we have back we were on a hunt for a local pizzaria called Pizza Uno's (or so our hotel called it). This time I'm making Lucy drive...muhahaha. So Lucy drives up and down the road and there is no
Pizza Uno's in sight. I start messing with the GPS to see if it can find it...the GPS sent us on a goose chase. We followed the GPS and when it reached its supposed destination it says make a U turn...huh but there was no pizza place in sight. Finally after driving around I spotted a Uno's Chicago Bar and Grill. Lucy says that must be it!..but I wanted to argue..."but it doesn't say Uno's Pizza". So Lucy drive around and we find a Papa Johns...but I say "no we can get Papa Johns at home...I want something different!"

So Lucy goes into the neighboring CVS pharmacy and asks them where Pizza Uno's is located. The workers in the CVS are of an Indian ethnicity. They say "theres a pizza place right next door"...Lucy replies "but I want Pizza Uno's!" they reply "yeah yeah Uno's across the street!"...Lucy says "they serve pizza?"..."yeah yeah right across the street."

So we go back to Uno's Bar and Grill sit down and order our pizza. I guess Lucy was right after all! Who would have guessed! So I'm looking at the menu and I only see 2 sizes one for an individual and one to feed two. Ok I'm from the country...I was expecting to find sizes in inches. But that is ok I order a Numero Uno for two.

We wait and wait and wait for our pizza...soon our server comes and says "your pizza will be out in 2 minutes." About 15 minutes later the restaurant manager comes and says "I'm sorry we have to remake your pizza...they cooked it with the peppers on top and that is not the way I do things. My cooks were going to send it out that way...they didn't think you would know the difference! So I am not going to charge you for the pizza, it's on the house."

Of course we didn't say anything and went along with him...we definitely would not have known the difference!!! Our Pizza arrived and it was the best pizza I have ever ate in my life.

Now that we have had our fill of Numero Uno's pizza, it is time to head back to our room and Lucy decides she is not going to drive us back to the hotel. Since Alexis doesn't have her license yet I guess I will drive. We get back to the hotel parking garage and it is almost full, the few spots left may not be large enough for my truck. There is no parking anywhere else in the vicinity unless I want to park at the metro station across the street. So what do I do, I drive around the block trying to decide what I'm going to do...I'm about ready to go in and yell at the hotel staff I'm so angry...So I decide to give it one more shot and I finally decide that I think if I back into the spot I'll make it in without scraping the other cars beside me...Finally I'm safely parked and my stress levels return to normal. And that was day 3 of Lucy and Ethel's DC adventure. To be continued....
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