Lucy and Ethel's D.C. Adventure...Day 4

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sunday October 25, 2009

Today we get up early and we are going to Arlington Cemetery and the National Zoo. We leave for the Metro Train at around 7:30 am. It is an unusually crowded day for a Sunday on the Metro. After overhearing some of the other passengers we realize that today the Marine Corp Marathon is in town and they are going right through the Arlington Cemetery.

During our trip we never had any fears...until today! As we are riding the train towards Arlington, a strange man hops on the same train car as us. He is wearing all blue...dark blue pants, a dark blue jacket with his collar pulled up around his ears, and a dark blue baseball cap with the brim pulled down over his eyes. He is carrying a dirty old back pack...and the first thought that comes in my head is Unabomber! I am suddenly feeling very sick and nervous...I look over at Lucy and I can tell she is thinking the same thing. He never sits down...and there are seats I am hoping that he's getting off the train soon...but he doesn't. So I look around the train to see if anyone else seems to notice this strange man...but no one else is paying as much attention. Suddenly this man starts making the most horrible sound and I look up and he has his hand to his mouth and he is breathing really hard. He is acting really nervous. Alexis is in my lap and I see Lucy look over at me, I can tell she is getting more and more nervous by the minute. I'm thinking maybe we should get off of the train at the next stop just to get away from this weirdo.

All kinds of thoughts are flitting through my head...I'm thinking this guy has got a bomb or something in that back pack and he is going to blow us all up! So I'm looking the guy over. He is very tall and broad, a monster of a man. I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to take this guy out...if it comes down to that! In my mind I'm swinging from the handrails kicking the guy in the head...but I don't see him going down...I'm going to need help, but I don't think Lucy is going to be up to it!

Well I don't want this guy to notice me looking at him so I look away... but I can still see his reflection in the train window beside me. Suddenly I see him smile a big toothy grin...ohhhh it sent chills down my back! The train stopped and we got off before he could kill us all! I have never felt that much fear in my life...but I guess he wasn't a terrorist after all because we never heard of any bombings or terror attacks on the news! LOL The sight of that man still haunts me today!

Lucy and I had to compose ourselves after our near death experience and we arrived safely at Arlington Cemetery to begin our fun filled day. We see JFK's grave site as well as Ted and Robert Kennedy's. But most exciting of all we are going to see the changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknowns. During the ceremony they ask that you be very quiet...well if you know Alexis you know it is almost impossible to keep her from talking, she talks all day non stop. We wait about 30 minutes for the ceremony to start and Alexis is being so quiet...I'm so proud of my little Angel!

As the ceremony starts, we all stand up to pay our respects and of course I'm taking pictures of the whole process. Alexis can't see very well so Lucy takes Alexis up the steps behind me so she can get a better look. All is quiet and they begin to play Taps, suddenly I hear someone from behind me call out "HI MOMMY!" Everyone turns and looks to see who is making all that racket. So, I turn around too and there is my little DEVIL, Alexis with a big wide grin on her face. She is looking down at me and she seems to be so proud of herself. I quickly turned around and acted like she wasn't my kid, and Lucy hurried off with Alexis in hand! Oh what a day!

Arlington Cemetery

John F. Kennedy's Grave

Teddy Kennedy's Grave

Guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns

Stay tuned...this adventure isn't over yet!

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